Plan & Approach


Our plan is to assist non-profit and for-profit entities (financially or otherwise) where we can see that their success (or the success of their project) will achieve at least one of the following for poor rural farmers:

  • Greater food security
  • Improved nutrition
  • Greater annual income
  • Employment



  • We spend time in Africa, meeting businesses and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), looking at projects and building a business network
  • We seek to assist entities that can provide a market for poor rural farmers, improve farm productivity, create income opportunities and /or provide employment.
  • Our strength and experience lies in due diligence of companies and the management of risk. We undertake stringent due diligence on our partners and any companies we intend to assist, ensuring we fully understand their team, their strategy, their operations, their potential and the risks they face.
  • We provide advice and/or funding to entities we believe in and we will encourage others, over time, to invest alongside us.
  • We monitor any entity we enter into a relationship with and we look for ongoing evidence of the benefit that poor rural farmers receive, arising from our involvement.
  • We are happy to share our ideas with others who are interested in following a similar path and we hope to further develop our approach and improve outcomes through collaboration with others.
  • We ensure that our actions are always based on our motto of ‘Focused on Farmers’.
  • Through our actions we hope that poor rural farmers can increase their annual income through any of the following:
    • Forming stronger farming groups
    • Gaining access to markets
    • Improving farming productivity
    • Obtaining fair prices for their produce
    • Achieving the benefits of crop diversification
    • Achieving access to international markets
  • We hope that the businesses we support form successful partnerships with farmers and/or farming groups, have a reliable source of produce, develop greater internal business skills and access to the finance they require to grow and succeed.