Long Term Foundation’s mission is to reduce hunger and achieve food security for extremely poor rural farmers in Africa by enabling greater farm productivity and income generation opportunities.

Across the world, over 1 billion people (the majority of whom live in African countries) suffer from food insecurity, leading to hunger and malnutrition, which hampers development, and can result in life-long negative consequences. The Foundation is focused on breaking the cycle of extreme poverty, providing enabling environments, increasing incomes in a sustainable manner with long term economic development.



The Foundation’s main objectives are as follows:

(i) increase the annual incomes earned by farmers living in extreme poverty in Africa through increased farm productivity, greater access to markets and credit, and/or alternative income sources;

(ii) enable the development of small African businesses that seek to improve the lives of poor rural farmers;

(iii) enable suitable NGOs operating in African agricultural and business sectors to implement sustainable farmer-focused projects; and

(iv) promote sustainable agricultural-led economic growth


Geographic & Sectoral focus

Having considered the many areas worldwide suffering from extreme poverty, the Foundation has taken the decision to focus mainly on Sub Saharan Africa, and in particular its rural farmers.

Given the large number of households in Sub Saharan Africa that earn their income (whether solely or as a supplement) from agriculture, the Foundation will focus its efforts in that area.



The methods by which the Foundation aims to reach its objectives are through the provision of credit, and, indirectly, through training, education, machinery and other required inputs for improvements to agricultural outputs or agricultural businesses.