Social Enterprises

The foundation’s main object is the relief of poverty and economic hardship, with a particular focus on those living close to, or below, the poverty line, in Sub Saharan Africa. However, it has extended this focus, to include a focus on alleviating hardship, and to helping solve social problems in Ireland, specifically through the support of social businesses.  Social businesses can provide considerable benefit, either to the specific communities they serve, or to the wider public, through a positive impact on the environment or by overcoming social issues. They are operated as businesses and therefore have a strong cost focus, with the aim of producing a profit that can be reinvested to achieve their social aim.  There is a wide spectrum of social businesses in Ireland, that create employment and support many Government policy objectives in areas such as housing, labour and the environment. The foundation aims to provide support to these businesses, in the form of mentoring, network access, funding or otherwise.