Partnerships & Funding Projects

The Foundation is aware that, as well as assisting agricultural development, communities need to have access to health and social services, education and clean water. The Foundation believes that it is the individuals themselves that will drive solutions to these key problems if they have the opportunity to generate profits in their farming enterprises and/or on small business development.

There are no plans to fundraise now or in the future, but the Foundation hopes that, over time, as it develops a successful model to improve the livelihoods of those in abject poverty, it can encourage other foundations, and philanthropists, to invest alongside it.

As an example of our work, we currently have a relationship with Gorta Self Help Africa. It is an international development organisation that supports communities in sub-Saharan Africa to grow more food, diversify their farm production, and sell their surpluses at a profit by establishing rural micro-finance programmes, and supporting the creation of producer organisations and rural enterprises, enabling farm families to access markets and add value to their produce.

The Foundation does not accept any unsolicited requests for meetings or applications for funding.